Energy Storage: Middle East & India

10 - 11 December 2017

Dubai, UAE

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Conference Summary

Building on the success of our Energy Storage Summit UK, for our Middle East and India edition we are bringing together:

  • Developers from India, Middle East and Europe
  • Financiers and investors from Middle East and Europe
  • Local grids and utilities
  • Global energy storage system integrators and manufactures
Why the Middle East?

Several MENA countries have already begun exploring energy storage as a way to integrate new renewable generation resources and improve the stability and reliability of national grids. The outcome of a recent solar photovoltaic tender in Jordan that included battery storage indicates that dependable electricity supply using solar power can be achieved at extremely cost competitive pricing compared to fossil fuels. Research carried out by the IFC forecasts that energy storage deployment in emerging markets could grow 40-fold. The UAE is now in an excellent position to take a leadership role in energy storage given the ambitious targets Dubai is setting for the 2020 Expo. The opportunity is it understood to be over 1GW just in Dubai alone.

Why India?

Energy storage will become an increasingly important part of India’s utility-scale solar boom as the country’s famously weak grids try to handle the breakneck increase in renewables penetration. Government intentions are clear with a large-scale solar-plus-storage tender under way in Andhra Pradesh (although facing delays at present as SECI tries to emulate record low solar prices seen elsewhere in India this year). SECI is also due to carry out a similar tender for 150-200MW of solar-plus-storage in Karnataka.

Some analysts have labelled the large-scale tenders as experimental, but expectations of grid congestion and renewable energy curtailments becoming more widespread in the near future will greatly increase the need for and focus on storage.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands also hold great promise with more than 30MW of storage being tendered this month. C&I solar has also reached grid parity in most states, representing another opportunity for storage to help businesses save even more cash on power bills.

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